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ALRUWAD FOR INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS                  ﺔﻠﻣﺎﻜﺘﻤﻟا لﻮﻠﺤﻠﻟ داوﺮﻟا

                                                              A Subsidiary of Alruwad Group for Business

       ABOUT US:
        Emirates Secretarial Services Company was established to be an integrated business platform to push forward the development of business

        solutions in the region based on the most updated scientic methods, and also to consolidate the thought of creativity and perfection in the

        eld of governmental service delivery depending on highly professional and experienced work team members. Today, thanks to God, we
        stand as one of the most important business services providers who adopt development of managerial innovative techniques in preparation
        of technical feasibility studies and completion of governmental processes in the highest level of accuracy and eciency in the United Arab Emirates.

        Leader and preferred destination in the eld of innovative integrated solutions and business processes to delight customers.

        Enhance the added value of the businesses through providing the best quality of service delivery to both governmental and private sectors
        and go beyond our clients’ expectations.

        Developing integrated business solutions in the UAE and the region in line with the huge technological development.
        Providing innovative works and services according to the latest scientic methods and instilling the idea of creativity and perfection.

        Providing the highest quality services to the public, private sectors and individuals through a qualied and trained sta using the latest
        electronic and intelligent systems.
        Providing innovative solutions to all sectors of business for investors, entrepreneurs to achieve the principle of reducing time, eort and cost
        while increasing quality, accuracy and speed.
        Providing the best consulting, marketing and technical services for all business sectors.
        Converting all administrative services to digital services and smart applications such as intelligent workow systems to ensure simplication
        and ease of procedures.

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