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ALRUWAD ACADEMY FOR TRAINING                    ﺐﻳرﺪﺘﻠﻟ داوﺮﻟا ﺔﻴﻤﻳدﺎﻛأ

                                                              A Subsidiary of Alruwad Group for Business

      ABOUT US:
        Alruwad Academy for Training is a knowledge and brain investment centre with a platform for creative thinking. It is also a high-level model and
         has a footprint in the eld of training, development and rehabilitation of human resources. We provide dierent consultations in dierent areas
         of knowledge in a professional environment that promotes motivation and distances monotony and boredom. Our positive vision reveals

         energies and talents to turn challenges in to opportunities, and ensure future success and eectiveness. We invite you to participate in
        a journey of excellence and unlimited progress which is necessary for development of societies.

        Leadership and excellence to be at the forefront of training institutions through the quality of our innovative services, by introducing
        the latest technologies and the best human resources in the areas of training and consulting.

        Promoting and upgrading the society through training, qualifying human resources and raising their eciency through the design and
        implementation of specialized training programs in accordance with the highest standards of global training and international trainings
        and by cooperating with educational institutions to meet the needs of the labour market.

         Provide trainings in various elds and disciplines in a stimulating and encouraging stress free working environment.
         Contribute to the preparation of a distinct generation, capable of advancing in development, and progress in leadership excellence.
         Contribute to the dissemination of training culture and investment in human resources.
         Support and sponsor self-development programs by promoting the concept of applied training.

         Cooperation with international, regional and local institutions in the eld of training and rehabilitation.
         Continuous development of training programs, seminars and qualitative conferences and activating the role of training consultations
         and evaluation before, during and after the training program.

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