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MAWARED FOR RECRUITMENT  ‫ﻣظ€ï»®ط§ط±ط¯ ï»ںï» ظ€ï؛کﻮﻇﻴﻒ‬

A Subsidiary of Alruwad Group for Business


Those who wish to achieve excellence in the business world that is rapidly growing worldwide, are always welcomed by Mawared for Recruiting,
To do so, the best international innovative systems have been adopted by our centre so as to help skilful and professional job seekers ï¬پnd their
 appropriate job opportunities on one hand, and to help employers ï¬پnd the best human resources for their businesses on the other hand.


The ï¬پrst leading platform established to develop harmonization between the labor force demand and job seekers in both the governmental
and private sectors. Accordingly, a smart reference is created to stand on the market needs in order to achieve the best delivery of human skills
 and talents this integrated electronic platform enjoys credibility and trust regionally and globally.


We have a signiï¬پcant footprint in the success and development of all individuals, investors (Arab and international companies) and achieve
integration by bridging the gap between supply and demand in the labor market to reach global levels in business quality and competitiveness
 based on the latest artiï¬پcial intelligence software and sustainability.


   Meet the needs of the labour market and provide qualiï¬پed human cadres and differ from others as we pay attention to the
   employer and job seekers.
   Bridging the gap between employers and job seekers and enabling them to exchange information through a modern electronic
   portal in a quick, efficient and cost-effective manner.
   Rehabilitation and training and development of new employees and aspirants in specialized jobs.
   Provide the necessary support to develop and streamline procedures and facilitate the management and evaluation of staff performance.
   Establishment, development and follow-up of integrated systems of human resources departments to ensure the proper functioning of the work.

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